What YOU get from our Managed VA Services

☑ We provide you business-class virtual assistance

☑ We help cut your operational expenses which you can reinvest back into your business

☑ We take care of HR, Payroll, IT and actively monitor your staff to ensure their efficiency and productivity

☑ We help boost your productivity through delegation to help you get more tasks done

☑ You’ll spend less time monitoring your VA so you can shift your focus on core business competencies

☑ We are far less expensive than hiring a full time employee in your office

☑ We ensure that you are on-track and on-time to meeting your goals

For just $5/hour, our reliable VAs will get you covered!

Our skillset includes but are not limited to:

♦ Administrative Assistants
♦ eCommerce Assistants
♦ Executive Assistants
♦ Data Entry Operators
♦ Website Designers and Web Developers

♦ Graphics and Video Editors
♦ Web Researchers
♦ Social Media Managers
♦ Copywriters / Content Writers
♦ Transcriptionists

Do you need a productive team? Here's how this works:


We capture your requirements to narrow down candidates' profile and expected output.


A rigorous, multi-step vetting process is performed to find you the best possible employee.


Selected candidates are shortlisted and assessed against the advertised criteria.


The best profiles are shared with you and to be scheduled an interview.


Work flow and employee reporting formats are established to ensure your NEW staff meets your expectations.


Continuous evaluation of your staff and regular reporting is conducted to help you stay ahead of your business.